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16-Jun-06 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Translation of Jimmy mo mhile stor?
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Translation of Jimmy mo mhile stor?
Problem bout this one is the tenses of the verbs. Not possible to make singable rhymes and sing the lines in English without noting that the young girl's love song follows a pattern dictated by a sort of Gaelic Amour Courtois....she's deserted, pregnant and brokenhearted too... 'clúdód le mil é' ...I will cover him with honey'...interpret 'honey' as you will.
Verse, stanza 2. Parents plague daughter. Why? 'I gave pleasure to a person sweetest in countenance...Taithneamh don duine ab fhinn ab áille snó...and off he went on a ship.   What's new then???
Stanza 3. I will go to the woods and spend there all my days.
In the place where there's no one and hear there the song of the birds
Where the trees are my shelter where grows the grasses to hide...this line changes in the various versions but this remains the sense and so continues the last one rehearsing the original love statement.
Contact at above address...happy to translate OIrish gaelic songs etc.
Vale! Emer.