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Posted By: Musicman
10-Feb-00 - 11:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth (P Schickele)
Subject: Lyr Add: MY BONNIE LASS SHE SMELLETH (P Schickele)
Ooooo... LEt the fun begin.... I LOVE this stuff!!!! We Actually did a concert of PDQ Bach in University with the music dept... had the university head on his feet shouting 'Bravo' at the end.....

Anyway, here's the one you want.....

My bonnie lass she smelleth
Making the flowers jealouth..
Fa la la.....

My bonnie lass dismayeth
Me; all that she doth say ith:
Fa la la (etc)

My bonnie lass she looketh like a jewel
and soundeth like a mule.
My bonnie lass she walketh like a doe
and talketh like a crow.
Fa la la (etc.)

My bonnie lass liketh to dance alot;
She's Guinevere and I'm Sir Lancelot.
Fa la la (etc.)

My bonnie lass I need not flatter;
What she doth not have doth not matter
Oo La la (etc)

My bonnie lass would be nice
Yea, even at twice the price.
Fa la la (etc.)

Words from the record jacket "The Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach" Vanguard VSD 719/720

Further information can be found in "The Definitive Biography of PDQ Bach" by Prof. Peter Schickele, 1976, Random House, Inc, New York... ISBN 0-394-46536-9 (Yes, I have the book, It's wonderful)