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Posted By: GUEST,Jim
17-Jun-06 - 11:21 AM
Thread Name: Logging Songs
Subject: RE: Logging Songs
Thanks once again. My partner Al has a bunch of songs and now I too can contribute. Before this thread was started I could only think of THE FROZEN LOGGER, THE LOG DRIVER'S WALTZ and WERE YOU EVER IN QUEBEC?. You have reminded me of tunes I'd forgotten and introduced me to many new ones.

Gargoyle had some questions:

1.Who "asked you"? Al Kirby and I perform 5 or 6 times a year at Lang. Al is an ethnomusicologist with special knowledge of Edith Folk's work in Peterborough County. He was asked to do the gig, but I wanted to make some contributions as well.

2.Why did they ask YOU (someone that lacks NE American loggin background)? They asked Al, who has the knowledge.

3.What is your instrument? I play clawhammer banjo, guitar, mandolin and concertina at Lang.

4.How long have you been "accomplished" on your instrument? I don't know what "accomplished" means, but I've been playing for paying audiences since the '6os.

5.Can you change keys - or do you use a "capo?" For "folky" sounding music I certainly make use of a capo. I wouldn't play The Frozen Logger in Bb without a capo. For swing songs or jazz standards I wouldn't use a capo, but we don't do too many of them at this gig.

6.How many in your group? For this gig two.

7.Do you have a "group name?" Kirby & Yates

8.Is this a continuous gig (3 night or more) or a "one-night-stand."?
We let The administrator know at the beginning of the summer which weekends we didn't have other gigs and he gave us those weekends. Al and I play in other groups and the summer festival season is our busiest time. The logging gig is one day.

9.Are you performing before Cub-Scouts or a paying audience? There is a fee to enter the site, but not a separate fee to see us. The audience probably includes some cub scouts, but we played there yesterday and the audience also included senior citizens, families and school tours.

10. At least two dozen performers, in this forum, have similar gigs, and can suggest a multiple of jigs....
And they have...thanks again.