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Posted By: Genie
17-Jun-06 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: lyr/chords: Dream a Little Dream of Me
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Dream A Little Dream of Me
I have a set of easy chords that work really well. I'll see if I can format the lyric/chord sheet so I can post them. (They may already be here in another thread about DALDOM.)


[C]Stars shin[F# dim]*ing bright a[F]bove y[G]ou,
[C]Night bre[F# dim]ezes seem to whis[A]per "I lo[A7]ve you,"
[F]Birds sing[Fm]*ing in the syc[Dm7]amore tr[Fm6]ee.
[C]Dream A Little Dre[E flat dim]*am Of M[G]e.[G7]

[C]Say "Night[F# dim]y-night" and ki[F]ss m[G]e.
[C]Just hold[F# dim] me tight and tell[A] me you'll m[A7]iss me.
[F]When I'm [Fm]alone and blue [Dm7]as can b[Fm6]e.
[C]Dream A Little Dre[E flat dim]am O[G7]f M[C]e.**

Bridge (key change)
[A]Stars fad[F dim]ing, but [E]I linger on[E7], dear,
[A]Still crav[F dim]ing your ki[E]ss. [E7]
[A]I'm long[F dim]ing to lin[E]ger till dawn[E7], dear,
[A]Just say[F dim]ing th[B7]is: [E]

[C]"Sweet dre[F# dim]ams till sunbeams fi[F]nd you[G],
Sw[C]eet dre[F# dim]ams that leave all wor[A]ries behi[A7]nd you.
Bu[F]t in [Fm*]your dreams, whatDm7]ever they [Fm6]be,
[C]Dream A Little Dre[E flat dim]am Of M[G]e.[G7]

**or just: [C]Dream A Little Dre[G]am O[G7]f M[C]e.

The Fm6 chord (that's one thing I've seen it called) is very easy. It's just X00111 and uses only one finger.   And the Dm7 I use is just 000211.

The E flat dim and F# dim chords are interchangeable, and the Fm chord is optional