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Posted By: Bruce O.
15-Dec-97 - 11:42 PM
Thread Name: Folksongs and Minstrelsy
Subject: Lyr Add: A PEERLESS PARAGON (excerpt)^^
Darned if I can remember the title or opening of the American version. It is mostly sung as a bluegrass song. I have a recording of an Irish version by the late Delia Murphy "A damsel of 19 years old". The loathly bride or mistress description is an old one. See "A peerlesse Paragon" in Roxburghe Ballads, II, p. 300, for a ballad of Nov. 1633, with a long list of her 'beauties'. A sample:

Her belly tun-like to behold-
No mopre shall be expresst,
But if the truth were plainely told.
I'm sure they are the best:
Her brawnie blind-cheeks plump and round,
As any horse of war;
Her speckled thighs they are not sound,
Her knees like hoggs-heads are.

Her shoulders are so camel-like,
Shee'd make an exccellent porter;
I vow I never knew her like,
If any man consort her.
No shoulder of mutton like her hand
For thickness, breadth, and fat;
With a scur\vy mange upon her wrest,
Oh Jove! how I love that!