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Posted By: Peace
20-Jun-06 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rainbow Vacuums
Subject: RE: BS: Rainbow Vacuums
Machines (cleaning) to which one adds water have the water isolated from the electronic circuitry. (However, it's never wise to vacuum in bare feet on a wet rug, etc.) Most machines have fuse links that burn out if something shorts. You are in greater danger plugging the machine into the wall than you will be using the machine. However, if you have a cat, try this:

Turn off all the electricity in the house (a breaker box will be the place to do that)

Plug in the machine

Put the cat and some food it likes real near the machine

Turn the house electricity back on

Using a broom or really long stick, throw the switch on the vacuum cleaner

Observe the cat

If it looks like the one in the National Lampoon movie, there is likely something wrong with the machine