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Posted By: Genie
20-Jun-06 - 03:10 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Flyin' Shoes (Terry Pinnegar)
Subject: Lyr Add: FLYIN' SHOES (Terry Pinnegar)
I won't post the full lyrics to this song, because I have not yet received permission from the artist who wrote and recorded it, but I do want to draw attention to it and post a link where you can hear a good clip from it (and other Pinnegar songs) and order it.

My beloved "little sister" had been battling -- and I do mean battling -- a very aggressive form of cancer for years, beating the docs' time-left projections by over 7 years. This May, having been unusually "connected" to the "other side" since childhood and having been deeply involved with spiritual pursuits during her years of having one foot on each side, she decided the next life was looking much more beautiful than this one. So she let go and, I believe, has now got her "flyin' shoes" on. Her husband discovered Terry Pinnegar's song a few days afterward and felt it spoke eloquently about her journey and her feelings about it. So do I.

Here is part of the lyrics (the part you can hear in the online clip):

(Terry Pinnegar)

I see
The way you're lookin' at me
Ev'ry time
I walk your way.
You can see my time
Is as thin as a dime,
But you can't see
What to say.

Have you forgotten
Just where I'm bound
When this burden I've carried so long is gone?
Stop wringin' your hands,
Start ringin' some bells!
If you want to help me,
Help me get my Flyin' Shoes on!
If you want to help me,
Help me get my Flyin' Shoes on!

I hear
The songs you're singin' for me
And I love
The way God's love sounds.

Listen to clips here:
Flyin' Shoes (Terry Pinnegar) at

You can also buy the CD there.