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Posted By: sian, west wales
21-Jun-06 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: Help: Gypsy/East European music
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
Slightly off-topic, but I get info on Gypsy music activities occasionally from Ida Kelarova. This is the most recent:


Dear Friends,
The time is now!
We, Roma and non Roma people, artists , singers, dancers will be creating beautiful things for you in order to meet, create, live, sing and dance together on these special days in the unforgetably beautiful surroundings and atmosphere of Svojanov Castle in the middle of the moravian countryside.

"The main idea of this project is to find a way to access and open up the road between Roma and Non - Roma people. We believe, that this road exists and our previous 5 festivals proove that our faith and hope has given us strength to continue with this project. The most needed thing is for us to join together, because as an individual we are strong, but to cope with such an uncared for problem as is racism and discrimination is very hard. Our strength and energy throughout these 5 days is dedicated towards romany music, culture, and identity. We don't have to fight with weapons, our strength is in our voices and music. Our festival is devoted to people who realise the meaning of life and honour it , and also help to work towards a better world. In these 5 days we would like to feel safe and loved. United our music will connect us ! Our aim is not only for us to join together but to visualize these great talents, and for the media to also see and realise how capable, talented and wonderful these Roma artists are.We are going to give you the experience and understanding about the art of celebrating. The aim of our festival is to become aware of the music and the songs, in addition to their origin. We will use this as an inspiration to open our hearts, to meet and to brake the borders between all the nationalities. It is an experience of being fully involved in a moment. It is about Now and Here.

All these different experiences will help you to understand and learn more about your daily life, pain, joy, freedom, love, and happiness. We would like to invite those, who are ready and able to appreciate the strength and potencial of group energy work.

All musicians, artists, singers, friends, families, all of you who would like to be a part of this special program are very welcome to join us at Svojanov Castle, we are looking forward to meeting up with you all "

Ida Kelarova

The 2006 Gypsy Celebration Festival ( singing, dancing workshops, children summer camp and festival ) from the 25th - 30th of July 2006 for the price of 320 euro (which includes accomodation + breakfast + the festival bus and the program for all 5 days and nights).
Participants of the festivals workshops can take their kids with them, they will have the opportunity to take part of our international camp for Roma and non Roma children at Svojanov Castle ( ages 7 - 15, the price for the kids is 150 euro which includes accomodation + food + special 5 daytime childrens program with our team).

The full programme then follows. If anyone wants it, they can PM me. I'd love to go but I'm committed to Lorient this year.