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Posted By: wysiwyg
11-Feb-00 - 08:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Oldimer's Disease
Subject: RE: BS: Oldimer's Disease
Aren't we using these terms to help avoid becoming terrified of having the real thing? (Which has happened in our family.) I don't think anyone here has been poking fun at anyone, but rather at ourselves, and helping each other do it. If we can't have humor over bad things we aren't human anymore.

Also with the amount of thinking one has to do in a day, and the pressure sometimes to keep thinking, personally I enjoy it whenever I find I've been really really stupid for a moment, and survived. My kids can still crack up the whole family be reminding me of the day I drove them home from school, and they said most of the students had been dismissd to attend a funeral. I said, "A funeral, what, did somebody die?" Duh. Then there was the Korean Ice Cream stand I "found" when we moved to cheese-steak village from ethnic-food-paradise Chicago. I really thought I'd seen a Korean ice cream stand. Such joy, followed by such desolation of hope. And soooo dumb.