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Posted By: Tootler
25-Jun-06 - 06:35 AM
Thread Name: London buskers / Licensing Act
Subject: RE: London buskers / Licensing Act
OK point taken in both Shambles and DMcG's posts. It does seem, however that Southwark Council are taking a somewhat heavy handed approach.

The statutory guidance states

To ensure that cultural diversity thrives, local authorities should consider establishing a policy of seeking premises licences from the licensing authority for public spaces within the community in their own name. [...] Performers and entertainers would then have no need to obtain a licence or give a temporary event notice themselves to enable them to give a performance in these places.

This seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable approach. The guidance goes on to say that performers still need to seek permission from the local authority.

In spite of what Shambles says, - and you do seem always to see things in terms of the glass being half empty rather than half full - this does not seem to be too much different from the previous situation. After all, if local authorities didn't like buskers under the old regime, they asked the police to move them on or even established bye-laws prohibiting busking.