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Posted By: wysiwyg
11-Feb-00 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Oldimer's Disease
Subject: RE: BS: Oldimer's Disease
LOL-ing around again making my step daughter think I need to go to the thrird floor of the hospital.

You know, Ely, I appreciated both parts of your message. Here's a picture-gift to all who love people with Alz:

Imagine you are one of the players at the nursing home and a "non-player" has come along for the hell of it. You are singing, etc., and she is sitting alongside one of those tote-a-senior recliner things, in which lies the distorted and (you think) empty shell of a woman. The non-player is draped half way across her upper body, arm around her neck, other hand stroking the woman's face, gazing into eyes that seem vacant. (You feel pity, an admiration.)

They're not vacant. She is soaking all of this up, and tears are rolling past a faint smile. The non-player is so avidly and delightedly attending to this pursuit that she has no idea the rest of the people present are staring with their jaws hanging at such a pure testament to the love inside us. These two women don't know each other. One needs, and one can... and does.

May we all be loved like that, aware or not, at least for a moment in our lives.

Metchosin-- As for the multiple deaths of individuals, I actually deal with that in Red Cross! We do messaging for military and their families in emergencies, and we have to call the funeral home at whatever hour just to be SURE Aunt Bertha hasn't died for the fifth time when little rotten Johnny gets homesick! I am going to incorporate your approach into our training.