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Posted By: Metchosin
12-Feb-00 - 03:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Oldimer's Disease
Subject: RE: BS: Oldimer's Disease
Great song Ebie. My brother wrote the following poem about Alzheimers and our grandfather.

Grampa Jack

I watched as you dailey unremembered things
sort of like baking a cake in reverse...
a little less of this, a little less of that
take away away one teaspoon of the past....
But suddenly fold in one lucid moment!
a sprig of oversweet lilac...
one milk cart which left you a donkey engine
a kerosene lantern sent in a drunken rage across the head of
your beloved mother, by your father who, you beat unconscious
and left forever...
three lost brothers, or,
were they lost family photographs....?
And then there was that time when that locomotive derailed and
you were there to pull the engineer from the wreck but the steam
had done it's damage, like your years, and when you took his arm
to pull him to safety his skin slid off his arm as smoothly
as Garbos' evening glove, only....
Eyes like wet, grey sand and a rattle of a voice
through lips as thin as teeth, you see...
saying "who are you"
and you crushed who you loved but no longer knew....
And I watched quiet...hurt...angry...ashamed as you slipped
behind that veil of ether to unremember me
for that last time.
Copyright©1999 R.Godfrey