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Posted By: Amos
28-Jun-06 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I didn't mean the incomplete accelerator. I meant the one before that.

The Texas Goddess and I oncet had a conversation about that bizarre accelerator and the town that went with it...and I wrote her a choon on it...

G                                                                A
Well, I'd like to tell you buddy, 'bout a place called Boz,
D7                               G
Cutest little town that ever there was,
G                                       A
It had farms and a feedstore and a real pharmacy
A7                      D7                         G
And a drive in movie just for makin' free
B7                                           E7
It had one gas station and a funny old name
A7                      D7          G
A sweet little town on the plain.
                  G                         C                   D7
(Spoken: Nice place to raise up some kinda kids, yeah...)

G    E7                            Am
You can't get to Boz from here anymore
D7                                                       G
They tore down the schoolhouse and the corner drugstore
G             E7                                 Am
There's a twenty mile tunnel running underground
D7                                              G
And nothing but memory left of town
B7                                        E7
So don't bother asking for the town that was,

       A7                  D7         G
You can't get from here to Boz!

Now there ain't no explaining how some things come around,
The Feds put their attention on this little Texas town,
And they came and explained how they would help those folks along
With a supercollider that was twenty miles long!
A giant concrete tunnel underneath their farms
Where scientists would study all them bosons and charms!

(Spoken: "Yes, suh!! I'm from the gommint, an' I'm here to help ya!!"


Now,the town fathers said it was a heck of a plan
And they voted it in to the very last man
They had Federal dollars flooding their dreams
And they came up with a thousand Super Collider schemes
They planned a Super Collider rib joint and a Super Collider Inn
And a Subatomic Lauindromat to wash yer socks in

(Spoken: Then they up an' built thet that Billion Dollar Boondoggle Bowling Lanes establishment!!)


So the Feds built the tunnel and it's down there to this day
Underneath the long abandoned farms where folks moved away
It seems the first billiion all got spent on the plans
And the cost of that tunnel, well it got out of hand
And before those atoms started running in rings
The Feds put their thoughts onto other things

(Spoken: Like a new Super Computer Center, right outside of Penobscot, Maine)

Then the money dried up, and they'd filled in the wells,
And the real estate values started sliding toward hell,
And the three thousand scientists just moved away
And they all got jobs out in San Jose
And the cinema ands as station are dry as tombs
And the tunnel's full of green mushrooms!

(Spoken: So the Army stuidied out what they could learn from all this ya know. It taught 'em a thing or two. 'Bout the fine art of digging big ditches and fillin' 'em in again!)