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Posted By: IanC
30-Jun-06 - 07:16 AM
Thread Name: London buskers / Licensing Act
Subject: RE: London buskers / Licensing Act
I also just send this to my local council (with a copy to our (Con) MP).


I've been looking at the Government's pilot list of public spaces which have been registered by local authorities for entertainment on the basis of the governments (mandatory) guidance for the Licensing Act of 2003.

The government stated that no facilities for entertainment would be lost due to the fact that public spaces (not licensable before the act) would become licensable from November 2005. Their reason for saying this was that in their guidance information they would "strongly encourage" local authorities to themselves license any open spaces within their area. The guidance was subsequently made mandatory.

I'm surprised to find that, at least in the pilot document, NHDC has not apparently registered a single one of our (many) open spaces as licensable for entertainment. Such diverse places as Kennedy Gardens in Letchworth, Royston Town Centre, Ashwell Recreation Ground etc. etc. etc. - which are common venues for a variety of harmless entertainment - have not yet been registered by NHDC.

Could you provide me with a list of locations you intend to register and some idea of when this will be done.

Thank you
Ian Chandler

PS I will be contacting our local MP on this matter.