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Posted By: The Shambles
30-Jun-06 - 07:52 AM
Thread Name: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
Subject: RE: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
Whatever - he and everyone else is welcome to their views.

I don't know how it happened and I am sure it would not happen today - but at my primary school we had an American teacher for a term or so. I realise now - that he was a visiting memnber of the Morman faith but all the stuff he used to tell us about his religion just went over our heads and sounded just like another fairy story. The story of the founding of Salt Lake City sounded like an episode of ITV's Wagon Train.

However, the rest of what this exotic young teacher brought to our West London lives and taught to us - I found to be a lot more value. He did not know much local geograpy but as a result of just this short time - I found out a lot about the USA and its geograpy in particular. I can't say that I can remember much else being taught to me at school being so interesting.

I supose what I am saying is that a lot can be leaned from well-intentioned charismatic people - whatever their faith may be.