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Posted By: Little Hawk
30-Jun-06 - 03:00 PM
Thread Name: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
Subject: RE: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
You're quite right about JFK, Penguing Egg.

Why do I think you're jealous of Cat Stevens? Well, I don't KNOW that you are, but I suspect you might be, that's all. It's a possibility. Many people are secretely jealous of stars and famous people...they may not admit it to themselves...they may not even be conscious of it...but from where stems the particular venom they direct toward the famous when the famous fail to please them?

Probably from jealousy, I'd say.

Anyway, maybe you're not jealous of him, maybe you are, it remains theoretical.

Islam does not equate to violence. You seem to think it does. That's a stupid assumption. It's as stupid as believing that Christianity or atheism equate to violence.

If you think any of them're just expressing a blind prejudice. You cannot tar a whole faith with the actions of a few extremist members of that faith (unless you're a fanatic, that is).

I personally know plenty of Muslims here in Canada. Not one of them supports terrorism. Not one of them. Matter of fact, they are all very much opposed to it. Not one of them supported the Fatwa against Salman Rushdie either.

You can always find a few fanatics in any religion. So what? You can find murderous people among atheists too.