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Posted By: GUEST,Jack Campin
30-Jun-06 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
Subject: RE: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
: "He is not regarded as a Muslim by anybody except other Ahmadis."
: That's up there on the dumbness scale with those who say
: 'Catholics aren't Christians' or 'Mormans aren't Christians.'

I don't know anybody but a Mormon who would regard Mormons as Christian.

And I don't know any Catholic or Protestant who would regard someone on the other side of that divide as not being Christian.

The two situations are basically different. Mormonism adds another prophetic revelation mediated by an angel to Christianity, in the same way that Islam did.

: Lets see--the Sunnis say the Shiites aren't and vice-versa.

They don't. Neither way. It's a doctrinal disagreement as with the Prod/Mick schism; they recognize different *human* authorities, not different supernatural ones.

The Rushdie affair is the least of the Ahmadis' reactionary influence in the UK. They have consistently campaigned for separate and inferior education for girls - mainstream Muslim opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of normal state education for both sexes. In their campaign they've made a point of seeking out allies from the most repressive tendencies in Christianity.