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Posted By: Crowhugger
12-Feb-00 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: Songs of hope and healing
Subject: RE: BS: Songs of hope and healing
Markf, just came across a lovely one, "Sidereal Song" by William Westcott of Toronto. The arrangement I know was for kids in unison; our women's choir did it last year. It would be exquisite with banjo (instead of broken chords on piano) accompanying 2 voices (instead of our 45-50). The breathing is deadly, the phrases are so darn long and connected one to the next. So 2 voices, maybe an octave apart or maybe not, overlapping enough and separating enough to allow a mere mortal to breathe.

W. Westcott Pub. Co. 184 Gough Ave. Toronto, ON M4K 3P1 (416) 463-6353 FAX (416) 463-5241

This info from the music we used. If it's out of date, I can see if the conductor knows where to find him.

For a recording, the only one I know is Echo choir's self-published CD of last December's concert. There could be many others. It does not demand sweet kids voices, and has plenty of room for percussion. A gem.