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Posted By: Keef
02-Jul-06 - 04:12 AM
Thread Name: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
Subject: RE: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
At the time of the Rushdie affair I was outraged that the right to free speech was suddenly overturned in deference to the Islamic religion.
My memory may be less than perfect but as I recall it Cat Stephens was enthusiastic about the death sentence upon Rushdie being carried out.
Here in Australia another new convert to Islam, the boxer Anthony Mundine stated in an interview that Americans deserved the 911 attack.
As a devout atheist who loves a beer and doesn't want to kill anyone I feel uncomfortable with the often stated aims of Islam that do not seem to encourage tolerance and coexistence.
I think that Yusuf Islam is being disingenuious and self serving in claiming that he did not really encourage the murder of Rushdie, he most certainly did not speak up in support of Rushdie's right to free speech and personal safety. To this day Rushdie has to remain in hiding.