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Posted By: Fiona
02-Jul-06 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: eena meena mackeracka (children's rhymes)
Subject: RE: eena meena mackeracka (children's rhymes)
Hi Andy,

I wasn't trying to be coy but since it was clear what I meant (it had been used in the thread) and some folks find it VERY offensive it didn't seem necessary. I even thought twice about 'darky', but d**** wouldn't have made much sense would it?

Thinking of kids playing tag where you become 'it' when caught, has reminded me that I've heard primary school kids calling the tagged one 'Taliban', so they all shout 'Taliban' and run away. A few years ago, at the time those iceberg AIDS adverts were running on TV, being tagged became 'you've got AIDS'.

Kids can be so horrible (bless their little cotton socks)