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Posted By: InOBU
13-Feb-00 - 10:11 AM
Thread Name: Help: Gypsy/East European music
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
Hi folks:
The BEST Romani band is the Kalyi Jag Group (Black Fire) and their best tune is La Ratjake Cheja, and Lacho Drom means the Good road. Be very careful of Tony Gatlifs movies, for example, Gadjo Delo is concidered very defamitory by American Roma, and is from a scholars point of view fraught with cultural defimation and inacuracy. I saw a pre-release version with some Roma elders in New York, and I understand it was toned down from the version we saw. It was a fine piece of film work, as was Dances With Wolves, a film concidered by many Native Americans to be one of the most racist movies ever made. Latcho Drom is much better, as it has little in the way of commentary, however, Gatlif does what he does in other films, which is to change the translation of spoken words in subtitles in order to editorialize while claiming not to so do. I have used Latcho Drom, however, when, for example lecturing at the Columbia University Grad School of Sociology (before chucking it all for music...)
But Kalyi Yad is the ticket - and I agree Ando Drom is great as well...