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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish
05-Jul-06 - 04:42 AM
Thread Name: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
Subject: RE: The Wisdom of Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
No he isn't at all. But the person who wrote that comment......? Well, I guess they say a lot about themselves.

>>>Where I believe Yusaf Islam went wrong was to get involved in the dispute in the first place. He used his fame to try to justify an act that horrified the average Muslim on the street..<<<

Er...I think he was purely caught off-guard by a journalist. He certainly wasn't holding a press conference on the subject at the time.

Strange that you make no mention or criticism of the very journalist who started all this in the first place, by putting words into Yusuf's mouth, which he didn't say!
From Yusuf Islam's site:

"....Sadly, 14 years later and right up to today, some people still try to connect me to this issue, whereas I had nothing really to do with it; I was tricked and foolishly fell for the trap...............

....So…back in February 1989 I was delivering a talk about my journey to Islam at Kingston University in London, when somebody (probably a disguised journalist) mischievously posed a question about Islam's view on apostates and blasphemers. As a student who had studied the issue for the first time, I simply did my best by answering direct from legal texts which I had read.

Instead of reporting my response in context, which I naively expected, suddenly the headline in next day's paper read "Cat Says Kill Rushdie!" Well, needless to say, all hell then broke loose and my political education had really begun. Thank God the newspaper responsible, Today, has since folded and is now out of circulation; unfortunately the monstrous myth it created still survives."


He was merely asked a question 'out of the blue' and then the answer he gave was not reported correctly, but new, highly inflammatory and deeply damaging words were inserted instead, as major headlines. Probably, as most of us can see, to sell VAST amounts of the Today paper and cause absolute chaos...which of course, could then be reported on for far longer and sell yet more vast amounts of newspapers.

To hell with the feelings of Yusuf Islam or anyone else....but hey!...look at all the profit they made...and after all THAT is what really counts in life isn't it! Well, yes....if you're a newspaper owner I guess!

It happens all the time in the media. What worries the hell out me is that people believe every single word they read.....