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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish
07-Jul-06 - 08:43 AM
Thread Name: Ewan MacColl ...Folk Friend Or Foe?
Subject: RE: Ewan MacColl ...Folk Friend Or Foe?
Oh HELL! WHY can't you just leave these threads alone Fiona?
I have NEVER done ANY such thing! EVER. This thread is bringing out SO MANY lovely stories about Ewan MacColl...WHY can't you just let that happen?

I'm at present tryig to listen to John's concert from last night to hear again what he was saying about Ewan.

Mick...if you want your answer....then THERE it is..right above me. Over and over and over! I am NEVER allowed to talk about the music that I LOVE without these people doing this to matter which board I'm on or which thread. And you wonder *WHY* I get *SO* angry?

Those words above are a complete and utter breathtaking lie! I've copied them and will now send them to Mel and her colleagues at the BBC, so that *finally* she may begin to understand what has been happening.

And now...if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to John Tams and his words about Ewan....

Apologies for reacting to it, but I'll not let *that* stand, as well 'this person' knows. PLEASE can this thread now be left alone to continue as it was.