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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish
07-Jul-06 - 02:11 PM
Thread Name: Ewan MacColl ...Folk Friend Or Foe?
Subject: RE: Ewan MacColl ...Folk Friend Or Foe?
Hi Dave,

I don't have much time to write tonight I'm afraid....but here we go...very fast!

In answer to your questions above, I've read in quite a few places that Ewan was not the easiest man to get along with etc. etc. and also that he was very stringent about certain things. For years now I've been told that I like the 'wrong' type of music, that I know nothing, that the people whose music I love sing 'in the wrong accent'
(I kid you not!).....and I would so LOVE to get down to the reason behind it all. I thought that perhaps Ewan *did* have a lot to do with building up some sort of 'dictatorial grou of people around him, who for decades have 'ruled' certain parts of the folk world, but now....because of this thread, I've completely changed my mind.

I'm very glad that these stories have come out, that 'myths' have been put straight and the truth is winning over, particularly from person after person who met or knew Ewan.

It's very easy for people to get the wrong impression about someone, because of rumours that are circulated by others. I now know far, far more about Ewan MacColl than I ever did, before I started this thread....and I put the man in a totally different category!

But that *is* why I worded everything as I did. I hoped that if there was another would come out.

Also, John Tams sang nothing but his praises last night, as he told us all about the history behind The Manchester Rambler, Ewan's part in that, along with The Duke Of Devonshire's....and he talked about the new The Radio Ballads, which he (John) and others had so much of a part in....and how he felt all the way through that Ewan was sitting right on his shoulder, telling him to make sure that he did the original series justice. I *loved* the new series, I've got links to it on my Myspace page...and I'll make sure to try and track down the original ones as well. I know there are certain links on the BBC site to some parts of them.

The new Radio Ballads will be out on CD just before Christmas, so John said. They are still available on 'Listen Again' right here, for anyone who missed them.....

I now realise that the bizarre behaviour that has rained down on me for so very long was never from the beginnings of what Ewan or Peggy wanted to do....and somehow he has been tarred with a very wrong brush...certainly in my mind.

I'm just so very glad that the record, at least in here, is being set straight on his behalf.

Oh....and you'll be pleased to know that Andrew, the last Duke of Devonshire, actually apologised at the end of his life, for what his father, the previous Duke had actually done to the working people of Manchester and Sheffield, by fencing in vasts areas of the Derbyshire Moors...getting many of them arrested etc. He said it was totally wrong. Still it shows the power of Mass Trespass I guess. His son Peregrine, the present Duke, agrees with him.

The things you learn from John Tams eh! And *that's* why my children love to go and see him. He's a natural teacher.

So, many many thanks to all the decent people on this thread who've taken the trouble to put their often long, involved but always interesting posts on here.

Right...gotta dash! Friends just arrived! EEK!!

Lizzie :0)