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Posted By: Susan A-R
13-Feb-00 - 09:47 PM
Thread Name: Folk Sings in Vermont late Feb
Subject: RE: Folk Sings in Vermont late Feb
Midchuck, I do have to ad the caviat that I may well have to be started on the tunes by someone who actually sorts out which tunes go with which names. I have a horrible time with that. I do know what goes with Fishers, Wind that shakes the Barley, Soldier's Joy, Swingin' on a Gate, Billy in the Low Ground, Smash the Windows, St. Anne's Reel, Gaspe Reel, Whiskey before Breakfast, Kitchen Girl (of course) Arkansas Traveller, Haste to the Wedding, Opera Reel, Boys of Blue Hill, the Scholar, Flowers of edinburgh, and a few others. I know Rakes of Mallow, Coleraine, Rockberg Castle, Morpeth Rant, Harvest Home, Cherish the Ladies, and a host of other tunes to which Idon't even know the names, let alone which names go with which tunes. I learn them by ear, and then something happens to the names. My fingers still know 'em but my brain, well that's another matter.