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Posted By: Marymac90
14-Feb-00 - 02:47 PM
Thread Name: Songs about farm folk
Subject: RE: Help: Songs about farm folk
A country-related theme is canning, and Greg Brown has one on this-I think it's called "My Grandma Puts it all in Jars".

Don't forget Hal An Tow, done by the Watersons-

I like to rise when the sun she rises early in the morning
I like to hear them small birds sing merrily upon the lalem(sp?)
And hurrah for the life of a country boy, and to ramble in the new mown hay!

Hal an tow! Jolly rumelow! We were up long before the day
To welcome in the summer, to welcome in the May-o!
For summer is a-comin' in, and winter's gone away-o!

In the spring we sow, and at the harvest mow
And that's how the seasons round they go
But of all the times, I like the best for to ramble in the new mown hay!

Mary McCaffrey

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-Joe Offer-