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13-Jul-06 - 09:19 PM
Thread Name: Pro Slavery Songs
Subject: ADD: Julius' Bride
(date unknown)
Sung Nightly with Tremendous Applause, by all the Minstrel Bands.

When I liv'd 'way down in ole Virginny,
I bought a colored gal for a guinea;
By de rollin' ob her eye, if you chance to pass her by,
It would cause your heart to palpitate, gib up de ghost--an' die!


Den I warn all you darkies not to lub her,
If you do, she will cause you to blubber,
So git out ob de way, an' remember what I say--
I'se gwan to marry her myself some very fine day!

But now she's gwan for to leave me,
If she does, she will cruelly deceive me,
But to win her I will try, by de winkin' ob de eye,
If she don't consent to marry, I will go away an' cry.
But I know dat she will not deceibe me,
An' she is not a goin' for to leabe me,
So to hab a little fun, for de banjo I will run,
An' I'll play dat merry tune--"Jenny, get your hoe-cake done"

Den I warn all you darkies, &c.

One night when de moon was a beamin',
I lay fast asleep a dreamin'
Dat de sun was shinin' bright in de middle of the night,
An' de darkies had collected for to hab a little fight.
When I 'woke, O, de banjo was soundin',
De bones thro' de air was a boundin',
But how pleasant it did seem; I was married--in a dream--
In de floatin' scow, Virginia, on de Mississippi stream.

Den I warn all you darkies, &c.

quoted from this page of "American Memory" site