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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
14-Jul-06 - 02:00 PM
Thread Name: Woody Guthrie on PBS
Subject: RE: Woody Guthrie on PBS
I would like to take back something I said earlier. Watching the documentary and reading these comments have given me opportunity to re-think my opinions.

I had mentioned at I heard Pete Seeger singing the verses in concert, but in re-thinking this I might be wrong. I may be mixing up one of the Pete & Arlo shows that I saw over the years, and Arlo usually does the verses and tells the story behind the verses.

Pete Seeger does not need to sing the extra verses in order to "walk the walk", he lives those verses. His life has been an example. I wasn't trying to paint a picture of Springsteen capitalizing on the Seeger name or being something that he is not.   Springsteen has taken stands for causes he believes in, more than many other artists do. The Seegers and Guthries of the world were activist artists.   Springsteen is an artist who respects their work and attempts to live up to their ideals. Springsteen is not at their level of committment, nor should he or anyone be expected to do so.