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Posted By: katlaughing
14-Jul-06 - 07:24 PM
Thread Name: Woody Guthrie on PBS
Subject: RE: Woody Guthrie on PBS
Really enjoying the comments of all of those who know so much more about him than I do. Thanks to you all. We saw the last hour of it and really enjoyed it. I was particularly struck with the WWII footage and narration about it. One man bucked segregation on that one ship and made a DIFFERENCE. May his god bless him for that.

The home and hospital footage made me cry; it was so sad to see him that way. I also found the part about how he would type away, throwing the pages to the floor, and later, his writing SO much in such short time periods very interesting. Surely he was compelled, if not by the above mentioned reaction by the body to Huntington's, then to some other unseen creative force.

We have an old family story of my dad working out on a drilling rig and not getting back to town in time to search out a special gift for my mom for Christmas. Back then not much was open on regular nights, let alone Chrismas Eve. He found a drugstore which was open, though; went in and bought her a musicbox. Well, I wasn't there, yet, but I guess he should've checked the tune it played. I've heard mom wasn't too happy with him when she opened it, wound it up and heard Woody's "So long, it's been good to know you!" I still have that msuic box; it is a treasure.

Thanks, again,