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Posted By: GUEST,David Kilpatrick
17-Jul-06 - 05:19 PM
Thread Name: Le Roi Renaud
Subject: Lyr Add: KING REYNAULD
I found this thread which for some reason I missed back in 2000 when I produced a Scots translation of Roy Renauld.

Here it is, anyway:

King Reynauld

Hame frae war King Reynauld's came
Wi' a deith-wound tae his wame.
His mother in the windae high
Wis first tae see him drawin' nigh.

Reynauld, Reynauld, be glad, be glad,
Your queen has born a bonny lad!
No' for his queen, nor for his boy
Could Reynauld's hairt show ony joy.

Oh mother, mother, mak' ma bed;
On linen white I'll lay ma heid!
For brief's the hoor that's left tae me,
The midnight bell shall see me dee.

And mak' ma bed here whaur I stand;
Nae servants need I tae ma hand.
And when the midnight bell was rung
King Reynauld's day on earth was done.

When wi' the morning cam' the dawn
Then all his serving-men did mourn;
And when the hour o' noon it came
The queen's maids wept they ilka ane.

Oh mother, mother, tell me dae,
Why oor servants cry wi' wae?
Oh dochter, it's but for a steed,
Oor fairest mount awa' has fleed.

Oh mother, mother, tell me true
Why should ae horse mak' sic a rue?
When Reynauld haulds his bonny son,
He'll buy for him a better one!

So tell me, mother, tell my why
The serving-maids so weep and cry?
Oh dochter, when oor sheets they washed
The finest in the tide they lost!

Oh mother, lat them cease their mane!
They'll surely sew anither ain!
When Reynauld haulds his bonny bairn
He'll gar them wark a finer yin!

But mother, tell me if ye can,
Whit dirge is that the friars sang?
That's no a dirge, ma dochter dear,
It's but a blessing that ye hear.

They come tae bless King Reynauld's tower
When mass is sung upon the hour.
Oh mother, hae I daen some wrang,
That tae the mass I mauna gang?

I fain wad busk and doon the stair
Tae hear the abbot at his prayer!
Weel dress not then in green nor grey,
But hap in black this haly day.

Oh mother, black's no fit for me!
Sic mournin' weeds wad gar me dree!
Oh daughter, ye maun put them on
Sae all sall ken ye've born a son.

When she cam doon the chapel aisle
The bedesman haunded her a veil.
And when she knelt her doon an' prayed
She saw the crypt-stanes newly laid.

Oh mother, mother, tell tae me,
Whose fresh-filled grave is this I see?
Oh dochter, I'll no longer hauld!
Hame came dying King Reynauld!

Oh Reynauld, Reynauld, leeze ma saul!
Grim deith has hied ma luv awa'!
Oh Reynauld, Reynauld, leeze ma saul!
Grim deith has hied ma luv awa'!

Whaur Reynauld's gane, sall I gang tae;
Ma gowd an' gear his bairn sall hae.
This nicht aneath yon stane I'll sleep
And in warm airms ma cauld luv keep.

Open, open, wame of clay!
I'll live nae mair anither day.
No queen sall weep in Reynauld's tower;
His grave mun be his lady's bower.