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17-Jul-06 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: A Martin or a Gibson?
Subject: RE: BS: A Martin or a Gibson?
From what I read (and after half way down I got bored) none of you really truly know your ass from a hole in the ground. I have a 1947 HD-28 worth over $10,000, but I don't brag on it becuase it's worth an ass load but becuase it is the boomiest, tennist, bell like, sweetest toned guitar I ever heard it is an everyday player. I also own a 1963 Gibson J-45 that has very simmalar tone just a little more mellow and muddled. Ask any true expert, for bluegrass the bright booming martins are king. For mellow blues,country,singer songwriter stuff it's Gibson all the way.

P.S. I own a 1971 Rosewood Loprinzi Dreadnought which I love for the great tone and personal sentament, a 1973 Yamaha FG 12-string took down to a 6 string slot head, just for kicks and 2 yamaha OOO, but the yamaha's no matter how set up are nothing compartivley. Also Ovation sucks ass, Taylors are for pussies, Takamine sucks, Stella's sucked backed then and still do now, and my personal opinion is that european luthiers would sell better in the united states if they would do more traditional instruments