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Posted By: Slag
19-Jul-06 - 03:48 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Tie My Pecker to My Leg
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Tie my pecker to my leg
All true. Heard many of these verses before I was in the 3rd grade (rough school), ( ca 1957). Then there was "Bang bang on Lu-Lu, bang bang all day, whose gonna bang on Lu-Lu, While I'm gone away. O Lu-Lu had a chicken, Lu-Lu had a duck, She set them on a table, To se if they would---, Bang bang on Lu-Lu etc..

There was another little diddy my Uncle used to sing. It had a million verses or so and it started off:

Ass hole, Ass hole, As Soldier I would be
To piss, To piss, Two pistols at my knee...

If anyone knows the continuation of this one it would be entertaining if not interesting. Maybe is should have a thread of it's owm.