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Posted By: Amos
15-Feb-00 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: Willie-O's Song Challenge
Subject: RE: Willie-O's Song Challenge
This is a rough draft, with lots of room for improvement. The story it could tell is so complex it could go on for pages, but for the purposes of this thread, let it lie...


Come forth, come forth, ye Saxon theigns!
Ye blue blooded heros many
Stand up, stand up to William's hordes
From Bogside to Boeny

Your homes and sons and loving wives
The tyrants will be wasting
Come forth, bold  churls, and armoured ride
And meet us down at Hasting

At Stanford Bridge, brave Harold's men
Hadrada's force  have smitten
And now three hundred miles will march
To Caldbec, it is written

With long swords high the foe we will meet
Our battle lines are forming,
Be not misled by bold retreat,
Beware the wiley Norman

But Hastings grasses ran with blood
Where Edwin's sons lay dying
And Tostig's shades are standing there
Where the Norman flag is flying

Our fyrd and fleet all broken lie
Their battle axes broken
On Hastings field, by pennants high
Cruel  treachery is spoken

Farewell to Wight, where Danish hordes
Have burst our barriers through
Weep long, you Saxon maidens fair
For the men that William slew

Now Angle men and Picts so bold,
In flight and fear are calling
The fields is red with blood once  true,
And England fair  has fallen.