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Posted By: SunnySister
20-Jul-06 - 03:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Money help needed
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
Hi there- I know you need a lot of money and boy do I wish I had it to give! I've been there and couldn't get the cash. Had to work through the consequences. :(

Two thoughts- 1) Open your address book and start sharing what's going on with you with those who care about you. Some may offer low or no interest loans, other may be able to give a gift. Sometimes problems are to be shared. I remember the time I was barely scrapping by and didn't have $25 to put towards my college application. When I did get it together, my application was late. My school advisor, upon hearing this get very irate with me. She took me by the shoulders and said, "Don't you have any idea what an honor it would have been to be asked and to have been able to help you?" Sometimes, all you need to do is ask- they are people who want and would like to help, if they knew. Also, think of little amounts by lots of people...

Second thought and not a lot of money but some to help, busking. If I need to pay for my food for the week, and I'm low on funds due to paying my tuition, sometimes I go and sing at the BART (subway) Station here. I sing without accompaniment and have a notebook that I hold so if I get nervous, I can just look at that while singing. I find that not only do I get money for my food, I feel a whole lot better afterwards. Busking is a win-win. They get music and you get a little money for your trouble.

Wish I could give better advice but I think they are both worth your time... Sending my best,