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Posted By: Richard Bridge
20-Jul-06 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Money help needed
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
It is important to know what the need is. Are there kids? It complicates the matter. Is there a husband/boyf? It, too, complicates.

If it is debt accruing due then there may be ways to stall it. Talk to the CAB.

If it is a specific debt see if one well-wisher will fund discussion with a specialist solicitor. There is a limit to what I know and what I can do but PM me if you want to go over this. I am unavailable until Monday (and have some problems of my own). I will donate some time for nothing. Not much, but some.

If it is a credit card, or more than one credit card, there may be counter-attack avenues or deferment possibilities. It depends on a lot of details.

If it is a bank second mortgage there may be angles on limitation, duress, undue influence, etc.

If it is your principal building society mortgage, you may be able to buy time by a non-status remortgage.

If it is a bookie tell them to F*** off and keep a pickaxe handle inside the door.

If it is your dealer, move fast and change your name - and put a red-eyed gorilla (or a Wookie) in your house as tenant.

There may be mileage in putting yourself in bankruptcy - not my speciality.

Check out a legal aid lawyer. You sound like you really need a lawyer and I am probably not the right one.

Sell your car and get a banger.

And, as others have said, consider impropriety. My late wife told me quite soon after we first met that she had entirely resolved, if desparate for money to feed her children, to get a job as a stripper. She was however 5 foot 8 and under 9 stone, and a natural blonde (and well fit in those days, so long as embonpoint was not the main issue). Certainly I never felt any less respect for her because of that.

A dominatrix can get a lot of money without (I am told - look at Cynthia Payne) having to do anything much other than shout a lot and smack men's rude bits. It helps if you are an actress!

You say "the estate". If you are a council tenant, you could (it is risky and illegal) unlawfully sublet and move in with a man where you can pay rent in kind.

PC plod pays well for good snout, if you get my drift.

Do you know a computer pointyhead? A commercial porn site can make a lot of money. Avoid kiddyporn. Some of the bondage sites seem to pay no attention to conventional beauty. The bondage can of course be faked.

What about lotteries? There is virtually no current enforcement of the law against lotteries and unlawful prize competitions.

Just ideas.....