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Posted By: GUEST,Barbie Moonbeam
21-Jul-06 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: Cancellation - SINSULL's Song Circle
Subject: RE: Cancellation - SINSULL's Song Circle
Sins what are you sick of? did you go to that new Tanning place...I told you that Girl in there can not use a spray gun...she is like so useless?
If a spray tan goes, like wrong then that would make any girl sick.
Say this doesn't mean you are like not...oh wait I have just dropped my Blackberry, ok got it.... coming to the Ken Dolleers rehearsal. That would be just so, yuk! You are our 'EERS" Sinns.
You know what Sinns when I like feel sick, maybe of say that dumb girl who wears like last years Nike Trainers duh! at the gym, you know the one I mean, the one with the really awful roots ...I just go have my nails done and then I feel much better. Maybe you should try that. Nails R Us are open like way late on Fridays.

So you know what.. I think am going to call Ditzie on my Blackberry, oh did I tell you I got a Blackberry?..... anyway, I'll call Ditzie and ask her if she remembers where " A band called Joe player" are gigging tonight. Ditzie said something about you really liking " A Band called Joe players". Then Ditzie and I could like jump in my Mini and maybe get the guys from that Band to come over to your place and instead of a Song Circle we could have like a CD circle instead huh? sound Good. admit it, it does doesn't it...
I'll bring like my Ricky Martin Cd the one with Living la Viva Lowka on that is like such a way cool song it will make you feel so much better in like no time and...and....wait for it, yes you guessed, I have the very latest CD by your favorite, Chris Tina Agla Reilly..uh huh. See I can sense you are feeling BETTER ALREADY...
So ...I will call you on my Blackberry ok...,oh did I tell you I have a new Blackberry...well I do, cool huh..anyways like we will call you around 3am when the gig is over and then head up to your place with the CDs and the Guys.
Remember Sinns, always use a little white eye shadow under the bottom lashline. It makes our eyes look bigger and sparklee-ur...and Guys like Babes with big sparklee eyes.
Luv U Lots and Lots
Barb. xxxxxxxxx