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Posted By: Peace
22-Jul-06 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Origins/Tune/Chords: Step by Step
Subject: RE: Origins/Tune for Step by Step Please
Incidentally, the spelling 'Waldemar Hills' googled in quotation marks gives only that one site, so I suspect it's a misspelling.

A google of "waldemar Hille" provides scads of sites showing Hille as an author of articles and contributor to various publications. There is a NYT article (July 12, 1990) that mentions him here. The pertinent part is quoted below:

"Waldemar Hille joined the Communist Party 48 years ago believing that the movement would create a more compassionate and humane America.

Today, as Communism falters in Europe, the 82-year-old Mr. Hille is fighting to preserve ''an important people's institution,'' a retirement home for political activists.

We're not just wallowing in resignation here,'' said Mr. Hille, a pianist who is one of nine residents of the home, Sunset Hall in downtown Los Angeles. ''We're fighting for our rights.'' Other residents said their building offered them a special environment of humanistic intellectualism."