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Posted By: Bat Goddess
23-Jul-06 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: Cancellation - SINSULL's Song Circle
Subject: RE: Cancellation - SINSULL's Song Circle
I like the green shit (that's the technical biological term as near as I can figure). Red shit, too. Oh, and I like the fat (the white shit).

Well, Mary, instead of using the time to transcribe a couple songs I want to learn, I've been hauling stuff out of the cellar to Freecycle, cleaning out another accumulation in the bedroom to Freecycle and take to Goodwill (not the same stuff!), and finished reading the book I'm giving to my sister for Christmas. (Now I have to read the book I'm giving my brother for Christmas. But I'm NOT gonna read the book I'm giving to my nephews which is about bats, but the "wrong" kind -- the baseball variety.)

Also have to go out and see if the person I bought a bunch of shoes from at a yardsale yesterday set up again today despite yesterday's rain. And go to the Farmer's Market, and to get some marked down plants at Brook's, fill up the gas tank, etcet etcet. Oh, and pull out some more stuff to Freecycle.