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Posted By: InOBU
16-Feb-00 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Help: Gypsy/East European music
Subject: RE: Help: Gypsy/East European music
AH! Mamaliga! Good choice, and I will go off my diet and have it with some good greasy barbique! I will try for the priroga recipie for you, it is noodles, rigotta cheese... and I will see about getting the rest for you...
Unfortunately, I have met a number of famous Romani musicians from Rumania, who out of respect I will not name, who, every time I met with them were drunk, and exibitied the symptoms of hard core alcoholism. This is not traditionally acceptable. Among American Roma, a cultural isolate, and often a window into the Roma of the pre-war and pre-colectivist state forced assimilation programms, the community drinks but I have not seen hard core alcohol addiction. Drinking at events like Pumani, feasts for the dead, is moderate, rather there are lots of alcohol alternatives.
Not to sound moralist, but as with the Native American community, alcoholism is more an example of the damages of forced assimilation than part of the culture.
Das baxtalay, hai arrack o Gadjen! (only kidding prala)
All the best