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Posted By: GUEST,Rowan
25-Jul-06 - 07:09 PM
Thread Name: Theory of Harmony Singing
Subject: RE: Theory of Harmony Singing
When I was still at school the Australian national anthem was "God save the King" (later "the Queen") which Americans know by a different name. We all had to assemble at the flagpole on Monday mornings, raise the flag, salute it, recite the nonsense and sing the anthem. Our school had a unit of army cadets which did the usual military parade stuff and then its band played the anthem while we all sang it.

I got so bored with the main melody that I picked on the part played by the Eb cornet and sang that instead. All by ear, as we were all in the school yard with no sheets of dots. As Artful Codger put it, it was a proper harmony line rather than just randomly chosen chords but it laid a reasonable foundation for harmony singing later on. Every country has a national anthem and I've yet to hear one that every voice can sing confortably so there is plenty of scope to pick the part of an instrument and follow its line. You'd have plenty of opportunity to practise.