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16-Feb-00 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: Willie-O's Song Challenge
Subject: RE: Willie-O's Song Challenge
Centurian, why have you come here from Rome Through the forests of Britain from the channel's white foam? Who sent you to die so far from your home, In the cold misty highlands of Alba.

Ch.For ye march from your wall with your sword in your hand. Ye harry the border, then march back again. But shun ye the highlands, the heather and glen. For ye'll rue the day ye saw Alba.

O Romes conquered Persia and Romes conquered Gaul And Romes conquered Britain for Rome conquers all. At the edge of your empire ye've builded a wall, For ye know ye will not conquer Alba.


Ye Gauls and ye Germans.Ye poor conquered folk. Bow down to your masters or your backs will be broke. Caledonia will ne'er wear the harsh Roman yoke. And the Romans will never rule Alba.


Centurian, why have ye come here from Rome? Throght forested Britain from the channels white foam. For the corbies will quarrel as they pick o'er your bones, Where ye died in the highlands of Alba.



copyright N.W.Johnson