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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
16-Feb-00 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gormenghast
Subject: RE: BS: Gormenghast
Ya... here I thought I was the only one... I stumbled over Gorm. while ghosting another MB about the Lord Of The Rings movie... some of the poeple there were yacking about the books, so I thought I'd give the show it's day in court...

It's day in court lasted all of 40 minutes into the first episode and that was all I could stand... it was too broadly acted, kinda a la Comedia D'el Arte, which I never could stand... and the story was a little tooVictorian for my tastes as well...

But the costumes were nice and the sets, although looking like escapees from "Gulivers Travels" were kinda cool too...

I'm hoping that Space will continue to pick up mini-series like this however... it'll beat having X-Files reruns on 10 times a week..

If ya wanna chat more about Fantasy/Speculative Fiction books, t.v., movies,what ever... feel free to look me up!