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Posted By: Anne Lister
28-Jul-06 - 05:16 PM
Thread Name: Lending instruments especially in Pubs
Subject: RE: Lending instruments especially in Pubs
My line has been for years that I don't even let my teddy bear touch my guitar (you can tell I work a lot in schools, huh?). I do, however, let people who I know play professionally play my beautiful Ralph Bown koa 0028 Martin look-a-like, on condition they give it back (which many of them are tempted not to do). But never if they're drunk. I bought a nice little Takamine once, thinking it would do for occasions when I was not playing music as the main reason for being somewhere (ie running a storytelling workshop) but the trouble is I just love my Bown guitar ..*sigh*.
I have twice had people help themselves to a go on it - I'm informed by many witnesses that they saw steam issuing from both ears and fire coming from my mouth but I don't think I've caused any actual bodily harm to anyone yet. Been a close run thing, though.

Anne Lister