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Posted By: Tim theTwangler
30-Jul-06 - 05:52 AM
Thread Name: Beginner Guitar Tips?
Subject: RE: Beginner Guitar Tips?
There is a lot of good advice on here,but no one mentioned that you can pay a qualified tutor to get you started and maybe to brush up on your technique at different times as you reach the plateau that seem to come when learnig guitar,and probably any other instrument.
Also I find it much too easy to only pratice new stuff for a very short period then drift of into playing what I already love playing.
This is more fun but doesnt lead to great speed of advancment.
Like the infamous "Anji" is really quite simple but my mind wonders and I end up playing around with whatever new song I am trying to fit the words into or find a chord for Doh!
I have met many people who have been playing for thirty or fourty years and they all seem to say they are still learning.
So have patience and good luck.