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Posted By: DonMeixner
16-Feb-00 - 09:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gormenghast
Subject: RE: BS: Gormenghast
Hi Rana

Is this the Mervyn Peake books from my dim past? Titus Groan, Titus Alone, ?,?

If the show was a slow and as wordy as the books I can see why you viewed it as impossible for the BBc to do anything with it.

But I value anyones taste and opinion so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'd like the BBC to do a job of John Wyndhams, The Chrysalids or The Kracken Awakes. They did a fine job of The Day of the Triffids.

But what do I know, I loved all the Dr. Whos I saw, especially Patrick Traughton.