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Posted By: RobbieWilson
31-Jul-06 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Who Can Sail/Vem kan segla
Subject: RE: Lyrics and source: Who can sail
I went to a wedding in Stockholm about 3 years ago and thought I would learn a Swedish song for the occassion. The Groom was a Chilean refugee the Bride Russian and I think we counted 23 different nationalities at the wedding.

I was delighted that all the Scandanavians knew the one Swedish song I had learned and we sang the first verse in Swedish, English, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and some others I can't remember then sang the second verse in each of our laguages also. For a song with only two short verses it lasted about 30 minutes and was avery moving, unforgettable event.