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Posted By: Ferrara
17-Feb-00 - 07:29 AM
Thread Name: Willie-O's Song Challenge
Subject: RE: Willie-O's Song Challenge
Whoa. This thread is so fantastic I feel like I'm on a roller coaster of emotions and reactions. These are great songs (or probably would be, if we knew any of the tunes....) LEJ, your depiction of Virginia Dare brought tears to my eyes even though I suspect that if she lived, she grew up quite happily as an adoptive native American with few qualms about it all. It's a beautiful, moving image though. There's so much imagination in all these songs! Troll, I loved "Alba," too.

For me, putting tunes on Mudcat has always been difficult. But here are some tricks. First, there's a shareware program called Noteworthy Composer, I think it's about $40.00 to register for it but you can use it for free for a while and save the resulting files. It lets you type in sheet music and plays it back for you, then saves it as a MIDI file. If you message my spouse, Bill D, he can tell you more. Then, once NWC turns your sheet music into a MIDI file, there's ABCMUS to turn it into a format that can be uploaded. Or, you can just e-mail the MIDI to anyone who has a MIDI player. (I haven't been very successful with ABC myself but other folks use it all the time.) I wouldn't be nattering on about this except that I think there's a great collection of songs here and would love to know some of the tunes. - Rita F