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Posted By: Goose Gander
02-Aug-06 - 01:18 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Billy Barlow 3 (Civil war)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: BILLY BARLOW 3 (Civil war)

Oh, ladies and gentlemen, how do you do?
I've come out before you with one boot and shoe
I do not know how it is but somehow 'tis so,
Oh! Isn't it hard upon Billy Barlow.
Oh! Isn't it hard upon Billy Barlow.

As I was walking down street jist tother day
The people all gazed and some of 'em did say,
Why, that fellow there, why he ain't so slow
Humph! I guess not says a lady, that's Mr. Barlow.

I went to the races jist the other day,
The man that keeps the gate asked me to pay,
Pay, says I , and looked at him so,
O you can pass on, I know you, you are Billy Barlow

They say there's a wild beast show come to town,
Of lions and monkees and porcupines too,
But if they start to show I'll beat them I know,
For they ain't got a varmint like Billy Barlow

They tried to buy me to go with that show,
But the monkees got jealous and the lion snapped at me too,
The hyena growled and looked at me so,
Thinks I 'twill never do for you, Mr. Barlow.

The tailors in town are all running after me,
To get the cut of my clothes that's plain to see,
But before they can get them I'll just let you know,
They must spill out the rhino to Mr. Barlow.

Oh ladies and gemman I bid you good bye,
I'll get a new suit when clothes ain't so high,
My hat's shocking bad, that all of you know,
Yet it looks well on the head of this Billy Barlow.

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