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Posted By: JohnInKansas
03-Aug-06 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Seiko SAT100 guitar tuner problems
Subject: RE: Tech: Seiko SAT100 guitar tuner problems
If you are by chance using an external pickup of the "clip on" or "stick on" kind, you should be aware that the leadwires on some of these are rather fragile, and/or the connection to the piezo element inside often gets itself unconnected. A bad pickup may be more likely than a problem with the tuner itself. Of course if you're using a good (built-in) instrument pickup, that's not too likely that there's a problem with the pickup, but a cable could still be less than perfect.

If you have used a pickup, even if you're not using one now: many tuners disconnect the built in mic when you plug in a pickup, and the contact in the "input" socket may have not made a good connection the last time you unplugged the pickup, so the mic is "turned off." Sometimes just a few insert-remove cycles with a properly fitting plug will re-seat the contacts.

The built-in microphones in tuners of this sort ($19.95 US) generally aren't particularly "robust," and with many of the cheaper tuners it seems almost necessary that you do use a pickup of some sort to get enough signal for the indicating circuits to pick out the pitch, especially when there's a bit of background noise. If you tried it out at home (where it's quiet) and it worked, but doesn't work out in the real world (where there's more noise) it may be just a problem of insufficient input to register.

The "technical specification" on this tuner, so far as I found with a quick search, is limited to "comes in red or black."