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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
03-Aug-06 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: EFDSS Role in the 21st Century
Subject: RE: EFDSS Role in the 21st Century
Unfortunately, Dick, you seem to know nothing about the history of EFDSS, which was formed in 1932 when the Folk Song Society and the English Folk Dance Society were amalgamated. The "English" part of the name refers only to dance; the folk song side was never restricted to England or to the English language; nor is it now.

That's explained on the Society's website, to which you have already been directed for background information. Do read it; you may find it informative, and it might help you to ask questions from a more informed viewpoint.

Your assumptions about EFDSS, here and in the two other threads you have started on the same basic topic, are at least a couple of decades out of date. Don't assume that nothing is being done just because you haven't noticed it. There is a lot of stuff being worked on that involves song; both revised editions of out-of-print books (that's largely me at the moment) and new selections from important collections. Again, see their website. There will be a lot more if funding is forthcoming.

Of course, if more people were prepared to devote enormous amounts of unpaid time to doing all this, then more could be done.

Don't just complain that an underfunded voluntary organisation isn't doing as much as you would like it to. Give it some of your money, or your time; and help to get what needs doing, done.